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I was charged 27 dollars from Redbox. When I called and complained I was on hold for an hour and 45 minutes.

The lady who picked up ask me all the normal questions, what was my email what was my zip code and the last digits of my card. What the problem was I had never rented a movie in the first place I asked her how I could prove that the charges on my card. She said she didn't think they could assist me any further and then proceeded to hang up on me after waiting so long. I've been tried to talk to someone on their chat line.

I told them that I did not have an account and to not bothertrying to look it up because I already had two other people. But she insisted anyway and again could not find the charge. I have called after thatand tried to talk to somebody higher up so I can get my money back but now this has turned into hours of work just to get 27 dollars back what I'm really concerned about is if it happens again.

This has turned into me working way too hard to get the amount of money backthe only other option I have is to cancel my card and have them my bank, file a wrongful charge claim. I pay all my bills with this card and that would be so hard to do I'm beyond pissed.

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Elk Grove Village, Illinois, United States #1284506

i got charged 27$ randomly to, i usually always return a movie the next day im just trying to figure out what the *** is going on and how i can get my money back

to travis #1284511

actually it was 27.22$ im just trying to figure out why, i always turn my movies in right after i watch it, and i rent alot of movies thru redbox but after this little mishap i dont think im gonna be using it anymore, this isnt something us costumers should have to deal with. and i can about promise you that it will be so much trouble just to get the money back that it isnt even worth the weeks of waiting for it. but like i said im just tring to figure out whyu


Hey there, sorry to hear of the trouble with your billing. If you didn't make any rentals, the best action is to file a dispute through your bank as a fraud.

Redbox take security issues very seriously which is why a card must be swiped in order for any rentals to be obtained from your local box. If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to email redboxcare@redbox.com.

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