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redbox is working for netflix they both have crappy servises that always fails and also they want blockbuster out of business and i team up with blockbuster to run netflix and redbox out of business also they are huge failures to costumers thet want customers to be pissed off and complain and sue them forr their failed services and alo it really those two netflix and redbox needs to be run down ou of business they deserve to die and never return and burn in *** for *** of the costomers and they fail to know and learn that the customers are always right

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I think you need to learn how to spell and learn better grammar before posting on here again. Redbox is a lot easier and cheaper. Netflix sucks because of its horrible selection.


Yes because I totally miss going to Blockbuster and getting to pay 6 bucks for a new release movie for a 1-2 day rental, and having them be just as likely to be out of stock as a redbox. Oh and the late fees at blockbuster were very reasonable, something like 2 bucks a day until 10 days, at which point you pay them the rental fee, late fee, and a fee for a new movie.

Face it kid, you're going to have to go back to school and get your GED because you ain't gonna be working at blockbuster ever again.

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