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Redbox recommends that you reserve your movie on-line to make sure that the movie is there when you go to pick it up. They tell you that you have twenty four hours to do this.

What they don't tell you is that they're going to charge you for those twenty four hours. The timer starts when you reserve the movie, not when you pick it up. According to their technical support staff, "checkout" on the website is the same as "reserving" even though the website says you can't reserve a movie until after you hit the checkout button making you think they're two different steps.

Additionally they say the check out policy clearly states the timer starts when you checkout, and the customer is supposed to know that this policy is also the "reservation" policy even though it doesn't state this anywhere.

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They did the same thing to me, I realized after I reserved 2 movie that it would overdraft my account so I didn't pick them up to prevent that. *** no they charged me 2.68 and now I have an overdraft of 36.00 and the best they could do was given me 2 rentals for free.

That's not even close to the 36.00 I am out now. Learned my lesson never again.


Reservations clearly state that you have UNTIL 9pm the following day to pick it up. You begin renting at checkout, your movie that is paid for keeps another from renting it.

If you feel "cheated" then contact customer care and they can issue you a courtesy refund. Contact a company before going online lol :grin

to common sense #1364745

I did contact them and was told sorry we can give you 2 free rentals. That was it.


Samething happened to me. I don't think I am going to be using them anymore,I would rather use a regular video rental store. At least I would know what I am paying for.


I too have been a victim of this SCAM. After reserving a move late at night. I pick it up on the morning and get charged for 2 days.

I called them and they state that even if its 1 second before Midnight you reserve it. Your charged a day for that 1 second.

Nowhere does it state this on any page leading to the reserve or check out!

I for one am never renting from them again, This SCAM will cost them Hundreds of dollars from me alone.

I also encourage everyone else to Never rent from them again.


:( Redbox is famous for putting all sorts of charges to your account like they have done to me so many times and to top it all off when i call to speak with someone they encourage LYING!!! and are always snobbish and rude and act like so what its only a dollar or two well *** i say !!! screw redbox!!

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