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I am just so glad to see that I am not the only one this has happened to as I was basically told that "the machines could not be wrong and that I must have "forgotten" to return the dvds" I did not forget. Yet I was charged.

Now for the advice that you MUST MUST sign up for the email reciept - you MUST- however that is not fail proof either. The machines are no more than computers and we ALL have at one time or another seen how a computer can "glitch". That combined with the human factor of "inventory, stock, and auditing" the machines there are simply too may opprtunities for break downs in their system. They, however, will take NO RESPONSIBILITY and simply charge you and then tell you to "prove it".

It is somuch easier to NETFLIX. I am so sorry to hear tHAt this has happened to SO MANY people - CLASS ACTION SUIT WILL BE COMING -THE PATTERN IS THERE

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I have been with Netflix for many years now and it works just fine---like a fine Swiss watch---organized, timely, cheap enough and very, very dependable. Lately they have been trying to save money, like everyone, by apparently not buying enough DVDs and thus one's *** is filled with "short wait, long wait or very long wait." This never used to happen, but I trust and rely on Netflix much more than I ever would or could from a machine standing in a store like WalMart.

With that kind of setup, you have no real recourse if things go awry. Bottom line: join Netflix.

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