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I rented a few movies July 7.I returned them to the box by my house and there seemed to be a problem with the machine when the movies were being returned.I got my bank statement and just got charged $26.98 .They claimed one was never returned.They won't take the charges off and told me when I find it to return it!I said i won't find it in my house because it was returned already!I was really pissed because it caused me to overdraw my account.I will never use Redbox again! They did this last year to two friends for even more money. If there was a glitch with the kiosk then it should be repaired.

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Every time I use Redbox I get charged twice. I get charged for the rentals and then after I return the discs I get another charge! Never again will I use redbox


I bet you all would love to have video stores back right about now huh?


I despise Redbox and urge all those who do to reconsider. I had two unauthorized charges to my card for something I never purchased and they refused to refund me.

Horrible customer service also...the claimed all supervisors were busy and unwilling to talk. What a joke!!!


Returned a movie two weeks ago and today I got charged 31.25 for not returning it. I returned both of them on the same day and only rent two at a time.

How come one was returned and the other wasn't? Exactly it was......... They charged me and won't take it off.

Never using a Redbox again. Get your machines checked.


I rent 3 movies then return 5 day after then Redbox charge me 80 dollars I just never use it again


Redbox is a ripoff! Back in September I used one of my credits for a free rental, reserved it online, and picked it up.

When I returned it, they charged me 3 times for the same movie, a movie that was supposed to be free! Called them about it and they told me to talk to my bank. My bank isn't the one ripping me off dipshits. This past weekend, I decided to give redbox another try.

I return a single rental to find that i have been charged twice for the same stupid disk! I'm done with Redbox.

Nothing but criminals. That's what they are.


I returned the movies I rented and they charged me $55.08 and said I didn’t return them! Definitely will not be renting from there again.


Redbox ripoff, don't use. They charge you twice.

I returned mine on time and charged again. *** company they will be gone soon.

Beaumont, Texas, United States #1352726

I rented 1 movie from redbox and returned it on the second day. I was charged both days making it $3.20.

At 9 that night I was charged another 3.20 as if I hadn't returned the movie. Even if I didn't return the movie it should have been 1.60.

That means I was charged for that movie and another that I never rented. Probably going to have to buy the movie I originally rented and returned plus whatever they think I've rented.

to Colt stivender Beaumont, Texas, United States #1352727

Even if I get my money back and dont have to buy the movie I still will not go back to redbox this happens too often. *** you Redbox


Red box took money off of my card for movies i turned in MONTHS ago. This is criminal and I'm looking for ways to get to the bottom of this! I will never go to a red box kiosk again!

to Anonymous Chickasha, Oklahoma, United States #1221636

They have been charging new for months total of almost 100 dollars I didn't even notice. I have called and argued, they refused to let me speak to a manager, lied to me and hung up on me.

I returned them months ago.

I wasn't my money back and I don't know who else to call. I asked for the person's id number so I could complain and he said no and hung up, I'm beyond PISSED!

to Anonymous Jamison, Pennsylvania, United States #1222945

The same thing just happened to me. I rented a game n a movie sep 11 n returned them both the next day.

Today I got an email saying I was charged 72.43 because they didnt get the game. So I called cust serv and they said the charge is valid because the game was never returned

to Anonymous New Richmond, Wisconsin, United States #1303326

Yep my child support debit card was charged over a hundred times since September 2016. All my movie were brought back and paid on time.

Emails to verify also.. I haven't been receiving any support and recently just did and -$132.50!

Hate Redbox. They will be getting a phone call?


This JUST happened to me! I'll be honest and say it was several days before our return but when we do go to return to the same box, it spit the movie out atleast 5 times!

Kept showing an error message, so we went to another redbox machine at a different location and it happened again 3 more times!

Just got charge $34.00 ! I won't be using Redbox again either.


That same thing happend to me i rented it on friday returned monday and they charge me as if i never returned it... whats wrong whit redbox why charging for something that was returned


same thing happened to me last night now my parents are grounding me

Wichita, Kansas, United States #864479

The SAME THING happened for me! I returned it the SAME NIGHT that i rented it. They just lost me as a customer for good.


In the same situation. Rented 3 movies.

returned 2 of them like 4 days later and the other one the day after that. they said i didnt return one of them and i told them i know for a fact i did. got charged 45 dollars for it. i got a 15 dollar refund and 4 redbox credits.

im still losing money over the deal so its not right. i wont be using them again either..

to dont worry about it #859661

you could fight it via your bank...

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