redbox ripped me off for 25.00, i returned a movie (on time) and the machine took the movie but did not say "your movie has been sucessfully returned" when i got home i did not have an e-mail receipt for my return. i immediately e-mailed them and explained the situation.

they said they would investigate and it may take up to 15 days. 15 days later they billed my cc for the movie ($25.00). i called the 800# and told them the situation. after being on hold for 10 mins they told me the movie was not returned.

when i disputed that they offered me a $10.00 coupon for movie rental. i refused and they said that was all they could do.

i told them to close my account, i won't be renting there again. that was the second time the machine had malfunctioned when i returned a movie.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Redbox is a vending machine and I won't rent from a vending machine because this can happen. How do they know you did not keep the dvd and are trying to keep it for free?

Can you prove you returned the dvd?

That is what you will have to do. My advise do not rent from a vending machine unless you are willing to take the loss if something goes wrong.


the machine did not malfunction it worked as designed, do you really think they can pay for the machine the rental space and the movies at $1 dollar a day? they do this all the time hoping you wont notice alot of people dont check their statements.

plus they scam you on late fees.

the machine breaks down so you cant return the movies nice scam it was just your turn. they will get you again it is just a matter of time.


If you are unsure if a dvd is marked as returned or not, just call and ask.

Its not THAT difficult!


Same thing happened to me! I have been behind on balancing my checkbook and I did not notice a charge from Redbox for $25 back in October 2010.

I had deleted the old redbox rental receipts from my email and could find no way to figure out what happened.

Then last Monday 3/21/11 we returned a movie and never got a return confirmation or a receipt (it would cost extra because kept it 2 extra nights). I emailed today so we will see how it gets resolved but I am not paying another $25!!!

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