Be carefull!!! you rent a dvd and you return it the next day and 50 days later you will be charged $27.00.

DVDplay and red box they are same and they except eachother DVD and you read return complete. So when you call these reipoff companies they say Oh we are not the same and if you see they send you email when you rent but no return email.

be very carefull this is very Big Scam. and you can not do anything they already have you credit cared number I made a big mistake now they charging my card and I can not do any thing.

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Good luck getting those Blue Rays to play


redbox is owned by Coinstar..... and the non-return fee is $24 on the 25th day. DVD Express may be the company that you're referring to.


You should have thought about taking my money, DVDplay sued you Red Box and your paying them back with peoples Visa and Master credit cards accounts, lets see where you end up I think in big red box playing some old DVDs.


I wanna sue them , It fraud and the BBB can't let this be happening!!!


I have the same issue. I browsed a few websites that have the same complaint against DVDplay.

I got a feeling that DVDplay people are posting nasty response against these complains.

I believe someday DVDplay will be ruled out by market because all the tricks they play. Their customer service is awful.


I had the same issue. Charged $27.99.

I am not happy at all. DVDPlay and Redbox sucks!


Your "big mistake" is to assume that Redbox and DVDPlay are the same company. They are not.

Redbox once used DVDPlay's machines, but now they have their own. This also caused DVDPlay to sue Redbox for patent infringement. Hope that clears things up for ya.

If DVDPlay's machine accepted your Redbox DVD, they you should go after DVDPlay. If it's the other way around, then you should go after Redbox - not that hard.

It's not a scam. It's your mistake and theirs.


Actually DVDPlay and Redbox are 2 seperate companies. DVDPLAY was bought out by NCR

(Blockbuster Express/Movie Cube.) THe number for them is 1.866.738.3752 X3. That might be able to help...

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