i rented two movies from dvd play and the kiosk disapeared and now i am getting charged daily and when i googled redbox and dvd play and they are the same company. I called them and they told me to take the dvd to the store the kiosk was outside of and the store told me they had nothing to do it.

DVD play and Redbox are a scam. If u want to rent movies i reccommend you go to anything else but that one.

i am going to take these companys to court and i will keep everyone updated on the situation. i suggest that everyone does the same.

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Yes they are, aaron. STFU.


Ummm... why don't you tell your "lawyer" that redbox is actually owned by Coinstar and that DVD play is not even the correct name of the other other company you're referring to, its DVD Express lol :p


sorry to hear your story, but i use redbox kiosks all the time, they arent scams.

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