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Rented a game like I always did, well this time a blank printed piece of paper with a barcode was in the case that came out. Rushed home & called customer service who said it was no problem & I wouldnt be billed. I was told to "RETURN THE EMPTY CASE AS NORMAL". So thats what I did & a week later I get an email with a bill for $30..

Call again & another guy talks to me & pretends to reverse the billing. 1 month later I get the full $75 charge of the game. My card had about $30 on it & they wiped it out..every penny. By this time Im ready to kill these customer service *** but Im polite & calm, this guy tells me they dont have authority to give refunds unless they first take the full $75 from my card. WTF!! Since they only took $30 they cant refund it until they get $75..the boss tells me the same thing. In fact he says its my fault for not returning the fake piece of paper with the empty case. So now I have a bank account I cant use unless I want to donate the money I add to Redbox & they are holding my $30 ransom untill I do so.


Product or Service Mentioned: Redbox Account.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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:upset I find it quite funny the "redboxcare" responds to all the comments here. But when you try to handle it by calling them, nothing gets done.

Emailing them is useless. I know because I tried, I got charged $79.00 for movies I know I returned!!


ALSO Whoever is clicking on the Bullshot button are idiots!

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